The Basic Bath

Starts at $40

Small $40
Medium $50
Large $70
Chihuahua $40
Pitbull $50
Pomeranian $55
Shih tzu $55
Mastiff $60
Poodles $60
Retriever $65
Husky $70
Great Pyrenees $80
Irish Wolfhound $90

All grooming appointments must be pre-booked.

The Full Groom

Starts at $95

Small $95
Medium $110
Large $135 
King Charles $95
Shih tzu $100 
Yorkie $100 
Schnauzer $110
Pomeranian $100
Retriever $100
Poodles $125
Mini Doodles $125 
Large Doodle $150 

All grooming appointments must be pre-booked.


Organic S&C $10
Flea & Tick Bath $15
Clean & Flush $15
Teeth Brushing $15 
Anal expression $20
Nail Clipping $20
De-Shedding $20 l 30min
De-Matting $10 l 10min 

All grooming appointments must be pre-booked.

Dog Training

$70 1 hour of neighbourhood training.

$899 Monday to Friday
8:00 AM ton 5:30 PM
Month for in-house daycare/training program 
6 hour of one on one training

Training program includes once a week training with owner.

Dog Daycare

Monday – Friday / 8:00am -6:00pm
$35.99 Drop in fee per day

5 Day Plan $170 / $34 PER DAY
10 Day Plan $330 / $33 PER DAY
15Day Plan $480 / $32 PER DAY
20 Day Plan $620 / $31 PER DAY
Additional Dog 25% Discount

All dogs must be signed up and registered for daycare before attending.

Dog Walking

60 Minutes $40 (Flat Rate)

3 – 4 Walks $35 each
5 – 9 Walks $33each
10 – 13 Walks $30 each
14+ Walks $28 each
Additional Dog 25% Discount

Dogs will be walked individually or in a group owners preference.

Dog Boarding

Price is based on per day

1  Day & Night $75 / PER NIGHT
3 + Day & Night $65 / PER NIGHT 7+ Day & Night $60 /PER NIGHT
Additional Dog 25% Discount
Kennels or Cages

 All dogs must be signed up and registered for boarding before attending.

We Offer It All!

What will my dog receive while being groomed at EZDog?

Each dog receives a wash with shampoo and conditioner while getting a full body massage then brush & blow dried finished with moisturizing doggy cologne. 

You can build your own packages by adding on NailTrim, EarCleaning, TeethCleaning, AnalGlands, Dematting, Deshedding or whatever your dog may need.

Prices are based on breed, size or dog, coat condition and what you would like to have done. We will do our best to give you an accurate estimate, however, without seeing the dog sometimes it’s difficult to make an estimation. If we think that our estimate is not accurate once we see the dog or begin to work on him/her, the groomer will call you and notify you of any price change. The best way to keep prices down is to have your dog groomed on a regular basis. Your groomer can help with this.

Appointments are recommended, However, if there is an opening we may be able to accommodate your booking.

Due to a high volume of appointments during Saturday’s, and the summer season, we recommend that you book ahead of time to secure an appointment.

We provide a unique and individual experience for each pet that makes them feel at home.