Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safer, cleaner and better grooming facility. Our focus is on the health and well being of each dog and taking into consideration more than a superficial clip. Our goal is to ensure that each pup is comfortable, happy, and stress-free while being groomed with us. We go beyond the typical bath and haircut process, being experts in skin care, and health. We provide a more holistic experience to grooming with the most advance technology and thoughtful products. Our philosophy has been and continues to be providing our customers with products that benefit the health and well being of their pet and stocking a variety of products at affordable prices. You will continue to see the latest in natural and holistic pet nutrition for the longevity of your pet, on the shelves at EZ Dog Pet Grooming & Dog Supplies.duct satisfaction. We strive to offer a wide variety of natural and high-quality pet supplies at a fair price.